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When it comes to digital content, video takes the crown. Video is by far the most impactful way to make your business or personal brand stand out above the rest. With video, viewers  have the opportunity to learn the most about your brand. A simple high quality video is a great method to gain credibility, trust, and allow your target audience to engage with your brand and digital content. 

Learn more about the video production process

1. Development

An initial discussion with the client on what exactly they are looking to achieve with their video. Diving deep into the why, what, when and how is essential at this point  In the development phase of the process it is important to gain as much information as possible to set expectations of the project up front.

Once the development discussion has concluded, we can move forward into the creation of the visual idea, plan, timeline, and budget to approve before transitioning into the pre-production phase.


3. Production

And now it's time to execute. At this phase all of the ideas and preparation all become reality. The production crew arrives and sets up cameras, lighting, and set details, while the talent arrives and prepares wardrobe, lines, movement and more. Once everything is set then the filming begins, and all of the hard work put in beforehand starts to culminate into an incredible visual.


2. Pre-Production

The pre-production phase is where concepts and ideas begin to form as well as the important aspects that support those ideas. Preparing every element such as writing the script, creating the storyboard and production schedule, planning the wardrobe, securing equipment and locations, are just a few of the important tasks involved in this phase.


4. Post-Production

With now tangible visuals, the footage is then backed up and imported to begin editing. During this phase the footage goes through extensive color correcting and color grading, music, sound, and additional visual assets like titles, credits, and graphics are all added. Then it's time to export the video and upload for the world to see. 


5. Marketing

& Distribution

Once the video production is complete, the final step in the process involves getting the video out to reach your target audience. Using social media platforms, influencers, websites, hashtags and SEO, your video can now represent your business or personal brand like no other form of digital media can. All of the hard work put into the production now begins to payoff in more traffic and engagement, sales and profit, and also credibility to your brand and the way consumers see it. 

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