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With over eight years of professional videography, photography and graphic design experience, Kvnvas can help build your business or personal brand with quality digital content, attention to detail, and a genuine passion to create in a way that best reflects your vision. In today's digital focused world it is becoming crucial to establish the identity of your brand online in order to reach new audiences and maintain the attention of your current audience.


So how can your brand stand out amongst the rest? It's simple, #KreateWithKvnvas

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What can you utilize to help build your brand?


The visual content king


When it comes to digital content, video takes the crown. Video is by far the most impactful way to make your business or personal brand stand out above the rest. With video, viewers  have the opportunity to learn the most about your brand. A simple 30 second or longer high quality video is a simple method to gain credibility, trust, and allow your target audience to engage with your brand and digital content. 

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Kevin Kneeland operating Sony FS5 MII Camera Rig
Van Gogh Vodka product photography at Five Roses Pub in Rosemont IL


A picture is worth a thousand words


The use of high quality images is essential to building your brand and selling your product or service. Potential customers look for quality imagery for reassurance and reliability that you are offering a viable product or service. High quality photography can draw in attention from a distance, peak curiosity, and then lead to business growth through awareness and sales. 

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Reading between the lines


Just as important as videography and photography, graphic design bridges the gap between visual content created with a camera and visual text and graphics created with a computer. Graphic design is able to compliment your brand identity and provide an easily understandable message to your target audience.

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Kevin Kneelad creating graphic for DMND MOB clothing brand


Method to the madness


The combination of videography, photography, and graphic design, aligned with strategy, leads to a memorable impression on consumers. The culmination of these elements is what makes up your brand. Having that branding strategy in place with every piece of content put out into the world creates an environment in which people know what to expect from your brand. 

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